<p>During my career, I have had the opportunity to work on numerous Shark Conservation Film Productions, Shark Week and National Geographic. I have also had the privilege to share these experiences with Will Smith, Rob Gronkowski, Eli Roth, Brian Skerry, Jeremiah Sullivan, and have been featured in multiple Diving Publications.</p>
<p>My love for sharks and my passion for being on the water is what inspired Sharkini. By sharing my love and passion for sharks, I hope that the world can begin to see these creatures as the misunderstood animals they are. Because my life is spent wearing swimwear 95% of the time, I have developed a passion for wearing shark inspired clothes. Sharkinis was born out of this passion in 2009. What makes Sharkini so unique is one-of-a-kind designs. Most of the artwork on Sharkinis has been derived from actual images I have taken while diving. You may have heard of the famous Tiger Shark “Emma.” Well, she is featured on many Sharkinis.T</p>
<p>There are hundreds of Shark Myths that fly around and cause more harm than good. By giving people Sharkinis that inspire conversation about Sharks, we hope to create a positive dialogue about the miraculous plight of Sharks in modern society. You may have heard that “All Sharks Are Man-Eaters”. Well, part of Sharkini is helping humanity to realize that we have a lot of bad conceptions about what sharks are and how they behave. The truth is, sharks are Apex predators that play a vital role for healthy oceans and not mindless man-eaters. Humans are not on their menu and the majority of shark-related incidents occur when humans are mimicking the behavior of seals or dolphins. For the most part, sharks love tasty shellfish, squids, and other marine life. When you put on a Sharkini, consider yourself an ambassador of the shark species. In reality, sharks deserve the same things we do. Like all animals, sharks deserve kindness, love, and autonomy.the same things we do. Now the next time you hear someone giving sharks a bad rep, consider it your duty to set the record straight. So put on your Sharkini, and hit the ocean!</p>